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Published date: 21st September 2021

Under the British Columbia PNP Tech Program, BC issued invitations to 74 candidates who fulfilled the minimum score cutoff and met the eligibility requirements for Express Entry BC or Skills Immigration BC.

The pilot program was started to help Tech employers in British Columbia to recruit and retain global talent if they are unable to fill in the job positions locally. Till date, British Columbia has issued 8,661 Invitations to Apply under various programs and its PNP Draw is getting more frequent.

The two subcategories that were looked at were:

  • Skilled Workers
  • International Graduates

Cut-off Scores for both: 80


About BC PNP Tech Pilot

The program provides 29 tech occupations that are a fast tracked way for permanent residency. One just needs to receive a work permit support letter from the employer which allows them to apply for a work permit.


Job Offer Requirements

There are certain requirements regarding job offer that one must fulfill. You can qualify if your job offer is in one of the 29 selected in demand occupations. Other than that, you job offer must be valid for at least one year and if you are already working with the employer then you must have 120 days left in the current position before you submit your application under this pilot program.


BC PNP Tech has supported over 6,000 tech workers to be nominated for permanent residence since its launch in May 2017. BC PNP Tech helps ensure the technology sector can attract and retain the talent it needs to sustain and grow the sector further. 


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