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Published date: 2nd October 2021

Australia plans on opening its borders for international travel starting November, Mr. Morrison announced on Friday. Australia’s policies and decisions that are taken to deal with the pandemic have been quite controversial. While many applauded their quick response and successful efforts at containing the coronavirus, a major proportion of the population disagreed with their strict lockdown restrictions, decisions on granting travel exemptions, and vaccination policies.

Australia will start flights from November on the condition that people will be allowed to travel to and from Australia if the state reaches 80% vaccination rates. For months the residents were not very corporative in terms of getting vaccinated but due to sustaining restrictions they slowly but steadily came around. New South Wales is close to completing the 80% vaccinated benchmark and many states not are far behind.

The border opening will be most beneficial for not only the vaccinated residents but also for their relatives as they might get a chance to visit Australia if they qualify for a travel exemption. Although most Australian residents are permitted to travel from Australia if they wish to, traveling to Australia is still conditional. For now, entry is only allowed to Australians or people with travel exemptions. Additionally, the exemptions are only being granted to the people who either have/are a part of essential work and services or for the ones who wish to visit a dying relative. There will still be seen a tight number of arrivals for the initial days.

As for rules regarding the arrival of people, the Australians and permanent residents who have successfully received all doses of vaccination will only be subjected to seven days of home quarantine. People who still are not vaccinated will have to face 14 days of hotel quarantine.

Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra remain under lockdown still. But Australian government added, they are working on welcoming back tourists soon.


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