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Permanent Residency empowers a foreign national to reside and work indefinitely in a country of which he is not a citizen.

Permanent residency means that a person has a permenent status of residence in a country which offers permanent residency visa status except a country where he holds citizenship. Permament residency is for permanent period and the person is called as permanent resident of that country.

There are vaious countries which offers permenent residency for eg: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and more.


Student visa is a non-immigrant visa which is issued to any potential student seeking higher education in another country.

Student visas are granted basically to allow a person to study in a country where he is not a citizen. Student visa help to stay legally in a foreign country, if a person is enrolled in a foreign educational institution. A student visa holder has limited rights in the foreign country as specificed in the visa type but the holder do not require to obtain citizenship.

Many countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA offer student visa to attract foreign students.


With effect from January 01, 2015 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched the express entry system-an electronic application management system, to manage applications for permanent residence under Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class Or a portion of Provincial Nominee Program.



Visitor visa is a non-immigrant visa for those who want to enter a foreign country on a temporary basis for a variety of purposes.

Visitor visas are basically short stay visas and are granted to visit any foreign country. The purpose of visiting can be holiday, visiting a family member etc.

Many countries offer visitor visa to allow foreign nationals to visit their country.


Dependent visa can take the form of family visa, child visa, dependent student visa or other dependent class of visa. Spouses, partners, aged dependent relatives such as parents or grandparents and children (unmarried, and under the age of 18) are eligible for dependent visas.



Many countries operate programs that gives foreign investors an opportunity to immigrate through their investment visa category. The objective of these programs is to increase a country’s foreign direct investment volume. In return, these programs offer a number of residency privileges to the foreign nationals who desire to make handsome investments.


Apart from above mentioned visa categories, Countries offer other visa types as well.

Depending upon the requirement for a particular class of visa, a person can check his eligibility and send his application.