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Why Apply for Canada Tourist Visa in 2022?

Everyone other than Canadian permanent residents and citizenship holders needs a temporary resident visa to enter the country. The TRV differs depending on the purpose of the visit. This can be a study permit, work permit, business, or tourist visa. The length of stay is permitted by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada as per their standards and the intention of the applicant.

It is the right time to apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa as the country has lifted almost every restriction from this category. All bans put into place to deal with Covid-19 have now been eased and visitors from all parts of the world can visit Canada in 2022. 

Benefits of Canada Visitor Visa

Other visa categories have several limitations but when it comes to a visitor visa, you get to enjoy several benefits and relaxations from many restrictions. That being said, a tourist still has to follow some rules and oblige by the stated laws. Let us have a look at some of the benefits that a visitor gets to enjoy during their stay in Canada.

  1. Visit and stay in the country

The most obvious benefit of a visitor visa is that you get a temporary but legal status to stay and travel anywhere in the country. You can be allowed to live in Canada for a maximum of six months but this duration is subjective and can change as per the visa officer permitting the duration of your stay.

  1. Transit through Canada

If Canada isn’t your destination, however, you need to journey via Canada to get anywhere you’re heading; you nonetheless have to use a Canadian traveler visa.

  1. Look out for work opportunities

Although visitors are not allowed to work in the country on a temporary resident visa, they still can openly search for new job opportunities during their stay as long as they keep in mind certain rules. Often, Canadian employers prefer having an in-person interview with the potential candidates to judge their caliber more effectively.

  1. Study a short-term course

Not everyone can join a study program on a tourist visa but there are some exceptions to this rule. Under some exemptions candidates can be a part of some short-term learning courses given that the course is not provided by a Designated Learning Institute (DLI), the duration is less than six months, and the course is not a part of any long-term program.

  1. Apply for an extension

Visitor visas may be issued for a length of up to 6 months. However, in case you would love to increase your duration of stay past the preliminary validity length of your visa, you could apply for an extension. The issuance of an extension and the validity length of the extension depend solely on the immigration officer reviewing your application.


Canada is one of the leading economies in the world right now. With flooding job opportunities and an ever-growing economy, Canada welcomes migrants from all around the world with open hands. With a vast range of visa options to choose from, people from different backgrounds and with different motives get a chance to migrate to Canada. To know details about immigration to Canada, contact Visa Walk today!