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Reasons for Canada Study Visa Refusal

There are many students all across the globe who wish to study in a foreign county. Cross-cultural communication, better infrastructure, advanced teaching curriculum, experienced faculty, and improved learning techniques are just some of the highlighted reasons for immigration as a student. But as a fact, not everyone gets to have this opportunity. Sometimes, a student’s visa can be rejected, which serves as a current hindrance in one’s journey and impacts their future immigration prospects. This is because a rejection of someone’s application history calls for close inspection of any prospect applications.

Recently, students applying for a Canada Study Permit are experiencing a great number of rejections. This can be because of various factors that one needs to understand precisely. Once learned, you can not only look out for them while applying but even if you already have, you can better analyze your current application status.

  1. Incorrect Choice of Program

There needs to be a direct or close relationship between the program and course that you want to pursue in Canada and the previous studies that you undertook in your home country. If there is no connection between the two, you must be able to clearly demonstrate your recent interest in the studies that you want to pursue.

  1. Unstable Financial Status

You need to make sure that you are arranging funds not just to pay the program fee and living costs but also to keep as a backup plan. The assessing authorities need to be sure that you won’t be a burden on them and can arrange for yourself if the need arises.

  1. Low Scores in English Language Proficiency Exam

Scoring low in either one of the language proficiency exams can be one of the major drawbacks in your study visa application. A low score displays that as a non-native English or French user, you are not proficient in its usage and will possibly face difficulties undergoing the preferred course.

  1. Insufficient Job prospects in the native country

Irrespective of the field that you want to pursue your studies in, you must be able to demonstrate that the given area has great career opportunities in your home country. If not, the authorities might not be satisfied with your returning back intention and because of the doubt, reject your application.

Apart from the above-stated reasons there are many more intricacies in a single study visa application. Hence, it is crucial to take appropriate guidance from the experts to minimize the risk of application rejection. You can contact the professionals at Visa Walk to not only get your profile assessed but also to get a free visa consultation today.