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For people who plan to move to Canada from India, they must know that the country welcomes migrants from all around the world with open hands and with a vast range of visa options to choose from. Culture-wise it has the most diverse communities and each one is equally respected and thought about. With its liberal policies for immigrants and friendly environment for students, most people have this country on top of their migration list.
Although migration can seem a little scary for some, but when you are assured of having the same Indian community in the destination country, just like you had one at home, then leaving family behind or distancing from your roots aren’t the most logical arguments. Let’s have a look at the complete immigration process for Canada if you’re migrating as an Indian.


  • Student Permit: This is the preferred route of the youth. Most of the students wish to have a different college experience and because Canada is liberal with their student schemes, the aspiring and hard-working youth get this chance.
  • Work Permit: People also get a great shot at advancing their career and get a global experience in their field of work.
  • Express Entry: This is another interesting way to get your Canada permanent residency. For those of who are already working and progressing in their career, they can start in that same field in a new country without fearing to change the field.
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): Apart from applying for study or work you can check out the list of different provinces and jobs offered by them. This way you can directly apply to those provinces and get approved.
  • Start-up Visa: One more great way to settle in Canada is by convincing their government that you can be an asset to them if you have a good start-up plan.
  • Family Sponsorship: Canada considers everyone. That means other than giving you permanent residency, it also gives you a chance to sponsor your parents and give them the opportunity to have the same life just like you in their country.
  • Caregivers: If you love to care for others and even have a profession of sort in that field then Canada might be just the country for it. It gives special consideration to caregivers and has a separate visa application for them.


If you’re an Indian moving to Canada, there are certain things you need to arrange first.

  • IELTS: Before going ahead with anything, you first need an English language proficiency test where you are supposed to score according to the requirements of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of your interested area.
  • ECA: Education Credential Assessment is a document giving the Canadian government an idea of your educational qualifications equivalent to their education system. This will help them better understand your educational background according to Canadian standards.
  • CHECK ELIGIBILITY: The next step is to check if you’re eligible to apply for your desired program and which visa you need to look into.
  • ITA: Invitation to Apply is the next step in your journey. If you’re application is selected by IRSS then you’ll get an ITA which is basically a green light to help you move further in the process.
  • APPLY & Get COPR: After receiving the ITA and applying for permanent residence, you’ll have to wait. Canadian government will thoroughly assess your profile and if your application is approved, you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). This is the final step.


Apart from the application fees which differ depending on the way you choose to migrate, one also has to consider other costs involved in immigration, especially in case of CANADA. Some other expenses that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Proof of Funds: Before entering Canada, you must show the Canadian government that you have enough money with you to meet the basic necessities at the time of your arrival, up until you have your first income in Canada. The amount for proof of funds differs depending on how many people are visiting with you and under which visa category you plan to enter Canada.
  • IELTS: This is the amount paid to take the English language exam that proves your proficiency in the English language. Currently the IELTS EXAM FEE is INR 14,700. But this can change if IDP decides otherwise. 
  • ECA: Educational Credential Assessment is a transcript that shows your educational qualifications in equivalent terms of Canadian Education standards. The price for ECA can differ according to your course and university from where you pursued your education.
  • MEDICAL CERTIFICATE: This certificate is prepared to indicate that you are in good and healthy position and fit to travel and stay in Canada. Again, the prices may differ depending on the clinic from where you get tested. 
  • POLICE CLEARANCE CERTFICATE: This final expenditure is made to get a letter from the police of your area certifying that you have no criminal record in the past or you haven’t had any involvement in any illegal activity or convictions.


  1. Decide the method through which you wish to migrate 
  2. Research about the eligibility criteria under that visa program 
  3. Gather all the relevant documents required for your visa application 
  4. Submit the application 
  5. Pay the application fee
  6. Get an approval for your visa application


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