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Immigration to Canada as an IT Professional

Canada is in dire need of Information Communication & Technology professionals, now more than ever. It is because of this that immigration to Canada as a person with IT recognition or experience is easy. The country's IT sector is one of the areas which have been able to sustain itself even during the pandemic. In this blog we will not only discuss the benefits of migration but also the ways available at your disposal to do so.

Why Should an IT Professional move to Canada?

Relaxed Laws: From visa application till getting approved, Canada has made amendments in their immigration laws to make it easy for the applicants to apply for Canada permanent residency or Canadian citizenship. You have

  • Freedom to extend PR Card for as many times as you wish
  • The CRS Score has been reduced drastically
  • The application system for Canada visa has been shifted online as well
  • No interview-based Visa application
  • Apply for PR directly without going the student route (Canada Express Entry)
  • Apply to your preferred province, directly
  • Minimum IELTS Score requirement is CLB 4 (conditions applicable)

Healthcare, Education and Standard of Living: Canada has not only advanced in the immigration system but it has also made huge efforts to continually stay at the top for being the best country in providing basic life services to its citizens. These include

  • State-funded/free medical facilities for the citizens
  • Free educational services for children up to 18 years of age
  • All-inclusive social benefits & services for people living in Canada for more than 10 years
  • Utmost strictness in terms of Gun Laws
  • A proud member of the G8 Countries group
  • Inclusive of all extremely diverse ethnic groups and a great example amalgamation of culture
  • Freedom to move and take up new job opportunities in any province – Under Section 6 of Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedom

Boosted Economy & Job Opportunities: The IRCC has a goal to invite nearly 4 lakh new immigrants and is doing their best to create as many job opportunities for them as much possible. With this, their economy has been
growing at a rate never seen before, and people of almost all working backgrounds are considered in this growth. The most popular sectors of Canada are Agriculture, medical and healthcare, Businesses, Technicians, Accountants and more. Recently, IT sector has also seen a great boom in Canada. So, to say at the least, if you have a passion for working, Canada will definitely have a job opportunity for you.

  • A proud member of the G8 Countries group
  • Inclusive of all extremely diverse ethnic groups and a great example amalgamation of culture
  • Freedom to move and take up new job opportunities in any province – Under Section 6 of Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedom

NOC Codes for IT Professionals

Information Technology is a very broad category which includes a number of job profile under it. Below given is a list of top professions and occupations in demand in Canada right now and their adjacent National Occupation Codes.

2147: Computers Engineers (except software engineers and designers)

2173: Software Engineer & designers

0213: Computer & Information Systems Manager

2281: Computer Network Technicians

2172: Database Analyst & Data Administrators

2175: Web Designers & Developers

Canada PR Options for IT Workers

Express Entry Canada

The Express Entry system is a program that functions on the basis of points allotted to the applicant according to six important elements. The applicant has to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) that is then assessed and reviewed by IRSS who gives scores in terms of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), to the candidates. After the submission and assessment of application you enter the Express Entry Pool from where top candidates having the highest CRS Score are selected. There are three main program under the Express Entry system out of which two are considerate in the case of Indians or any other foreign national. These are: 

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program allows candidates who have skills, knowledge and experience to settle in their province so that they help the economy and finances along with their personal growth. It is for those who want to settle in a particular province and become a permanent resident of Canada. The process to apply for PNP is rather simple. It is only a two-step process. The first being apply to a province of your choice or make an Express Entry profile and add your preferred provinces in there. Now all you have to do is wait to get nominated. The second step is to receive the Nomination Certificate from the province that you’re selected in. You then need to make use of the certificate to apply to IRCC for Canadian permanent residency visa.

Start-up Visa

Canada Start-up Visa Program is popular among the entrepreneurs, business minded people and IT professionals who have the time, knowledge and resources to create something clever and imaginative. Under this program, people can enter Canada, start a business and later apply for permanent residency for themselves and their family, if deemed eligible. The target of the government is to attract people who are creative and can prove to be essential for Canada’s economy.

Global Talent Stream

This stream launched in 2017 to not only aid employers to fill in vacant job profiles fast but also to help skilled workers with a fast application processing time. An application under Global Talent Stream usually processes under 2 weeks giving employers and workers a great chance to meet the labor market needs of Canada.

Other than these mainstream ways, IT Professionals still have options to migrate to provinces through their specific program. The two most famous ones are Ontario Tech Pilot and BC Tech Pilot who is very consistent in their nominee draws.

This is just the gist of Immigration to Canada. You can know more details regarding documentation, immigration process, involved costs and get an answer to more such queries by contacting Visa Walk today at We can give you a complete profile assessment and let you know your prospects of settling in Canada.