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How can your Australia PR get compromised?

Permanent residency in most foreign countries carries significant benefits for the candidates who successfully achieve so. Skilled workers get to avail major advantages associated with permanent residency in Australia as the fast-growing economy promises good opportunities to the candidates capable enough to contribute to the growth of the country. A better quality of life, top-level educational institutions, attractive tourist locations, and other factors attract a lot of talent from all across the globe. However, one must always remember that transitioning into a permanent resident can still carry minor drawbacks. We will discuss some of these in this article along with the appropriate solutions.

Under most circumstances, an Australian permanent resident is expected to be a lawful resident and follow all the stated rules and regulations of the country. More so, by nature, they are allowed to travel to and from the country as many times as they prefer for the first five years of the visa validity. From this on forward, they can either choose to transition into a citizen of Australia or choose to retain their native citizenship while sustaining Australia’s PR card. However, there is another option for the latter. In case the residents wish to never leave the country, they can stay PR holders indefinitely, without ever renewing their PR card. Nonetheless, if the residents aim to spend longer durations living outside Australia, they risk losing their PR status. As a remedy to this, the visa holders need to renew their documentation to re-enter on Australian grounds as the original right to return is only restricted to the citizens of the country.

This is where a resident return visa comes in. It is a special category visa granted to permanent residents of Australia who have lived outside the country’s borders for an extended period. More so, it is also available for residents with PR status who wish to leave Australia after the five-year visa validity while maintaining their Australian residential status. As the right to return to Australia without any limitations is only restricted to Australian citizens, this visa becomes a pre-requisite for certain visa holders. Another thing to keep in mind is the minimum eligibility requirement to be fulfilled, being:

  • Be a permanent residence of Australia or a former Australia PR Visa holder
  • Resided in Australia for two out of the past 5 years (2 years need not be consecutive)
  • Must have some substantial ties to the country
  • Be eligible under the health & character requirements of the country
  • Not having any specific visa cancellation

The validity of a resident return visa extends to another five years given that the applicant can meet the above-stated eligibility requirements. Apart from these, some other factors can also be considered valid reasons to apply for an RRV like a candidate being involved in an Australian business, or having substantial personal ties to the country. Australia’s economy is growing at a rapid rate. Thus, it is the correct time to apply for permanent residence in Australia, if you want to do so.