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Canada remains on the top with the most amounts of immigrations each year. It is inclusive of people with all kinds of background and different motives. Other than being a diverse and immigrant-friendly nation, Canada time and time again proves to be cost-effective for not only visitors but the businessmen as well. Its economy is full of job opportunities in Information Technology; Accountancy; Human Resources and much more. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs and self-employed people under the Canada Business Immigration. These are:



Under the Canada Investor Visa, people can enter Canada, start/invest in a business and later apply for permanent residency for themselves and their family, if deemed eligible. The target of the government is to attract people who are creative and can prove to be essential for Canada’s economy. Other than this they look for people who:

    • Are able to create new jobs in the market
    • Can successfully compete on a global scale
    • Are innovative minds

To be eligible for this visa category, one needs to meet the given requirements:

1. An innovative business idea and creative mind.

2. Support from a Designated Organization.

3. Have a minimum score of CLB 5 in one of the required language tests

    • CELPIP – G (English)
    • IELTS GENERAL (English)
    • TEF CANADA (French)
    • TCF CANADA (French)

4. Proof of enough funds for the purpose of investing in the desired business.

5. The applicant must meet minimum eligibility requirements by IRCC to enter Canada




Canadian government has carefully designed the Canada entrepreneur visa program to attract business minded people to Canada. Their aim is to have their assistance in creating more jobs in the economy while also growing number of permanent residents and immigration rates.

If one wants to enter Canada under this program then they must meet certain requirements to qualify:

  • Be a part of any business in the country within 2 years of landing
  • Must have an ongoing participation in the daily activities of that business
  • Obtain/partner up in desired business
  • The applicant should have considerable business experience in the field of job that they wish to enter in the country
  • The applicant must also have enough funds to sustain themselves and their business (if necessary) till they start their income in Canada
  • The applicant must meet minimum eligibility requirements by IRCC to enter Canada




If you’re an athletic person or your job does not come under the category of mainstream careers, then you have a chance to migrate to permanently under the self employed immigration Canada.  For people who are self employed, they have a different category of visa to apply to that will directly give them permanent residency. You just have to prove to the Canadian government that you’ll be an asset in their economy, have some relevant work experience, can survive as a self-employed person and meet the medical and selection criteria.

The application process for this visa is rather simple. You just need to go through three steps to apply:

  • Gather and prepare your relevant documents of proof for submission.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Submit your application.


If you’re interested in any of the above programs or want to know more about Canada Immigration then you can visit our website or book a free consultancy session today to get your profile assessed by one of our experts.