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Canada has a proven record to give a chance to 130,000 students every year to study in Canada by applying in Top Canadian Universities. With flooding job opportunities for graduates, education in Canada is now free of a lot of difficulties. Canada’s main focus, along with many others, has been amalgamation of culture with respective religions. In this article you will find out exactly what steps you need to follow to start your Canadian Journey.


Let’s walk you through the process first…


  •  Decide the program :  You NEED to start with this! Same as in your home country, for Canada too, first you’ll need to go through a list of programs and courses that are provided by the country and choose which one out of all you want to pursue ahead.
  • Apply to school :  After researching about the preferred program, the next step is to apply in the college of your dreams. Make sure you’ve done all the pre-requisite research and gathered all the necessary documents needed at the time of application.
  • Apply for a Study Permit :  Now this step might seem like a lot of difficulty but, with the right consultancy and help from the experts, it can be a one-click process. With Visa Walk’s 9% APPROVAL RATE your chances of getting your dream college are flying high.
  • Acceptance Letter :  Once the required documents are submitted, your application will be reviewed by the professionals at the Designated Learning Institute (DLI) and within a span of 2 weeks you will receive the confirmation from their end.



Still not sure if Canada is THE country for you? Visa Walk will help you in taking the right decision. If you are confused between many countries then let me tell you, out of all the countries that offer student immigration Canada has the most liberal policies and the quickest process when it comes to giving chances to the youth for a better and bright future.

Even when applying for a study visa, Canada gives the students two options to choose from, according to their family backgrounds, financial conditions and medical conditions. The first being Student Direct Stream (SDS) and the second being Study Permit. Even last year, amidst Covid-19, Canada was able to give admissions to more than 400,000 foreign students, a number too huge to ignore under the prevailing circumstances.



Being the faster and easier option out of the two, SDS allows an aspiring foreign student a chance to get settled in Canada in a MONTH. Yes, you heard it right! Within 30 days you can be in Canada provided that you are eligible to apply. SDS is faster than any other type of visa because under this, Canada has partnered up with certain countries to give studying benefit to the youth.



    1. IELTS Exam: To apply for this, you are required to give a specific English language exam (preferably IELTS) and have to score minimum 6 points in each area (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking).
    2. GIC: Guaranteed Investment Certificate is a proof of investment in the destination country that is submitted to earn the trust of the government. It is done in case you run out of money-in-hand.
    3. First Year Tuition Fee: To get an entry in Canada through SDS you need to deposit the tuition fee (amount equivalent to first year) before reaching the country.
    4. Medical Exam: The last requirement for SDS is a medical certificate signed by a professional stating that you are in good health and fit to travel.



Another way to enter Canada as a student is through a study permit. It is different from SDS because it does not require you to have a GIC in the destination country, which of course will save you a good amount of money. This visa is for those who are not in a hurry to study abroad and want to take time in counseling to decide among the courses. But nonetheless, this way too, isn’t that slow and has a completion time of 1-2 months.


    1. Approval from DLI: You need to get accepted in a college/ university before applying for a study permit. With experts helping you at Visa Walk, getting accepted is much like a piece of cake.
    2. Proof of Income: You need to show necessary documents to the Canadian authorities to prove that you are capable of studying in a foreign country and bear all the necessary expenses.
    3. Proof of Identity: You also need to show identity proof like passport along with any other document that is equivalent to an identity proof in your native country.



Now that you are well aware about the process, type of visas and documentation required, you can start planning your journey to Canada. Get in touch with the expert counselors at Visa Walk to figure out which course you want to get enrolled in and the best colleges in Canada to study.



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