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Australia Study Visa Requirement & Application Process

Studying in Australia is a great option for overseas students who want to have a better quality of living alongside experiencing world-class education. Although under certain situations an applicant can study in Australia without actually applying for any official visa, this is not possible under most circumstances. A candidate who wants to get enrolled in a 12 weeks program in Australia can do so under a tourist visa. Even a working holiday visa allows applicants to study part-time courses while having one. However, if you want to study a program that is for a longer duration, you must apply for an Australian study visa.

The application process for an Australia study permit is rather simple but has the most chance of errors. The applicants can easily get lost with the sheer amount of requirements asked to be fulfilled and for this; it is advised to get assisted by visa consultants like ourselves to submit an error-free application. Even though almost anyone can apply for a study visa, to do this smoothly there are certain requirements to be met.

The first would be to have an Offer letter followed by a Confirmation of Enrolment. A CoE is issued by the educational institute from where the student is planning to partake in the program. It is an essential document to even begin with your study visa application as it proves that the student indeed has plans of studying and has submitted the respective tuition fee for the program. More so, the candidate needs to demonstrate English Language Proficiency and sufficient funds to enter Australia. This is necessary if the candidate is from a country where their native language is not English. Any or all programs taught in Australia are in English and to undergo those you need to prove your proficiency in the language. As for the proof of funds, you need to show that you have the financial resources to sustain your study and stay in the country.

The next steps include getting an OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) done before landing on Australian grounds. In case you are unable to get an OSHC, your study visa application will straight away be denied by the visa officer. Nonetheless, this medical insurance is very beneficial for the students as it aids them to incur any regular or emergency medical expenses. Apart from this, a GTE is one of the most crucial documents to be added to the Australian student visa application. Genuine Temporary Entrant must include the clear and honest intention of the student to study, not overstay the visa, and abide by all the laws stated by the country. It should broadly encapsulate details of the study program, institution, and relevance of pursuing it from Australia.

Lastly, there are some minor health and character requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate to prove that they are in good medical condition and have morally good conduct in their home country. Once the candidate has successfully fulfilled the above-stated requirements, all that’s left is to make the final payment of the application fee amounting to AUD 630/- and lodge the visa application.

The requirements to lodge a visa application are not that difficult to fulfil but the process itself carries a whole lot of chances of rejection if not done right. Many factors affect a student visa application. Hence, it is always a wise decision to consult experts for the same and know your prospects of getting a visa approval as soon as possible. You can contact our experts at Visa Walk today to know more about the immigration and study routes available.