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Most Popular Australian Visa Subclass 190

Most people are unaware of their prospects of migrating to Australia. This country provides a great quality of living in addition to enabling migrants to live, work and study at their leisure. It has numerous opportunities for aspirants who are eligible under the given categories. Being said so; Australia has many popular migration pathways out of which the most in demand is Visa Subclass 190. This visa subclass allows eligible immigrants to permanently stay in Australia.


This is a point based visa wherein you submit your application to get nominated by a state or territory government agency. Once your application is submitted you get points on the basis of skills and information that you provided. If you score necessary points, you will receive a nomination to immigrate to Australia. The biggest attraction point of AU 190 Visa is that whoever successfully receives a nomination gets to permanently stay in Australia for an indefinite amount of time. 


In addition to knowing about the visa, you must also be aware of the eligibility requirements to apply for one.

  • Get nominated by the state or territory government agency
  • Qualify under one of the Skilled Occupation List
  • Score necessary points

Other than these, you must also:

1. Get a positive skill assessment by a verified skill assessing authority

Obtaining a positive skills assessment means classifying your job in a eligible occupation of Australia. For this, you need to check if your work or job profile falls under the skilled occupation list of Australia.

2. Make a successful submission of Expression of Interest following a point allocation

Based on the information that you have provided at the time of submitting your application, you will be given certain points. If you are able to receive at least 65 points then you have good chances of receiving a positive nomination.

3. Be under 45 years of age

To apply for this visa subclass, you need to be less than 45 years of age. Any applicant crossing the 45 years mark will be deemed ineligible to apply or receive a nomination.

4. Score minimum required points to show English Language Proficiency

The test for language proficiency cannot have been undertaken more than 3 years before the date of invitation.

5. Meet Australian Government's skills, health and character requirements

Apart from fulfilling other requirements, you must also submit a positive health report and pass on their character test to get a successful nomination to permanently live and work in Australia.

The application fee that one shall incur for this visa is AUD 4,115 and the usual time taken to process 190 visa applications is 5 to 10 months.

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