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7 Easy ways for international students to earn while studying

A major worry among most international students revolves around the topic of earning while studying. Many think of migrating to a different nation as a student and believe that they’ll be able to make up the study costs by working part-time. But they soon realize this to be a myth. In a country like Canada, the legal part-time work allowance is not more than 20 hours a week. In such restricted hours, students are only able to earn a sum that helps them cope with their everyday living expenses. But every other person wants to earn more to save some money.

Hence, after extensive research, we have made a list of 7 easy part-time “online” work opportunities for international students and skilled workers to partake in and earn some extra penny for their efforts.

1. Online Tutoring

Average Pay: $20/hr

One of the best professions to consider, online tutoring is the best option for international students to choose from. Nowadays, numerous middle school, high school, and even college students prefer being taught online. Teaching things like spoken English, native language, music, drawing, or much more has become easier than ever and to my surprise, the pay in this profession is pretty decent.

2. Proofreading

Average Pay: $15-30/hr

One-in-a-kind profession for people having a good grasp of English, sorting and grabbing good proofreading gigs has become easier than ever. This job is most suited for college students trying to hone their writing skills. One of the key tasks of this profile includes identifying grammatical/punctuation errors. If you feel like you’re good at doing that, you must consider this skill.

3. Market Research

Average Pay: $1-20/survey

Another creative method of earning part-time is by giving your opinions on the World Wide Web. Many companies and research websites pay candidates to be a part of their regular surveys and give their opinion on certain topics.

4. Blogging

Average Pay: Earning varies

People who have the creative and social skill set to attract an audience their way and make a good impression must seriously consider blogging to be their side hustle. If done right, one can earn a six-figure income quite easily.

5. Social Media Manager

Average Pay: $20-40/hr

Growing the business and being recognized on digital platforms is becoming the most-targeted marketing strategy of most firms. Hence, many small, medium, and large-scale organizations are turning to look out for good social media managers who might not necessarily have any professional experience but have the skills to manage their profile and audience engagement alongside much more.

6. Freelance Writer

Average Pay: $50-500/article

One of the highest-paid online professions; freelance writing is for anyone or everyone who has good writing skills. Starting your blog or publishing articles on any website can turn into a good portfolio that you can use to even use to boost your brand in the future.

7. Virtual Assistant

Average Pay: $20-100/hr

Some of the key tasks of a virtual assistant include answering emails, managing social media platforms, planning, and scheduling meetings, booking travel, proofreading, planning events, researching a project, maintaining a website, data entry, and much more. In a nutshell, virtual assistants undertake and overlook a variety of tasks for businesses or individuals.

Online jobs and flexible remote jobs are the future. As a student, you can start some of these gigs and earn money in your free time.