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6 reasons why your PR application might get rejected

Getting a permanent residence application approved for any country is technically not that difficult but there are many things that can go wrong throughout the process, if not done properly. Most people choose Visa Experts to do the filling on their behalf to minimize the risk of getting the visa rejected but there still are some aspects that can result in the application rejection.

1. Applying for wrong visa category

Your purpose of visit can be clear and precise and still there can be chances of filing a wrong visa application. Most countries usually have various subcategories of visas of a single purpose, for example, Australia has three varied categories for skilled worker migration being, skilled independent visa, skilled nominated visa and skilled regional (provisional) visa. Although the visa filling process for all is more or less the same, some requirements differ for these categories. Making sure that you file your PR visa under correct category is essential to get your visa application approved.

2. Submitting wrong documents

Even after filling under the correct visa category if you, by any chance, tend to submit wrong documents, your application will most definitely get rejected. Wrong documents entail bank statements of wrong months, different initials in submitted proofs, expired identity card or passport and more such files.

3. Visa rejection in the past

Immigration officers check closely for any previous visa application or rejection in the past. Although, merely having your visa rejected in the past does not immediately mean that this time too your application will be rejected. What the authorities check is whether or not the reason for past rejection has been rectified or solved.

4. Filling misleading information

Trying to outsmart the visa officers is never a good move. If you think that they won’t be able to point out a slight error in the midst of flood of documents then you are wrong. You application is checked and scanned thoroughly to make sure that all the information submitted coincides with each other and that there is no hint of misleading information. 

5. Unable to meet the health requirements

Your application has considerably high chances of rejection if you have any major health issues like cancer, HIV, heart disease or so. This is because the government feels you might be a financial strain on their economy and so, they avoid approving such visa applications. Although the chances are not completely zero, they still are very low for getting an approval.

6. Failure in scoring required language scores

Each country has a different benchmark for acceptable language test score depending on the visa categories. If you fail to meet the benchmark score, your permanent resident application has low chances of getting approved in the first go. What you can do to correct this is re-attempt the exam till you score the required marks.

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