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Major Benefits that attract people to apply for Canada & Australia Immigration

Immigration has always been a popular topic among aspirants who wish to live, work, study and settle in another country. There are many prospective countries that one can choose to migrate to, but majorly for Indians, Canada and Australia are the most sought after destination countries. These two destinations provide great standard of living, healthcare facilities, education and peaceful environment to its residents. Not only this, people who enter any of these countries have a great chance of applying for their citizenship as well. Canada and Australia both receive a huge number of applications every year for permanent residence or other reasons.

Key reasons for Immigration


1. Free or Subsidized Educational Assistance

Both the countries provide free or subsidized education almost up to graduation levels. The main aim of this measure is to ensure trouble free studying experience for students. As for the parents, they can move to any of these countries to avail the benefit of free education so that all the money saved could be redirected towards providing a much better standard of living to their children. Be it the route of Canada Immigration or Australia Immigration, the parents and their children can enjoy these benefits.


2. Free or Subsidized Healthcare Facilities

All permanent residents and citizens of Australia and Canada are eligible to avail free/subsidized world class healthcare facilities. Citizens get a chance to get treated by world renowned doctors, specialists and have access to a wide range of health care services, all almost free of cost.


3. Pathway to Citizenship

Immigrants entering any of the given countries through any pathway, be it work, study, business, investor or any other, get a chance to apply for citizenship of the country. Being a citizen is extremely beneficial as they get to enjoy many advantages like right to vote, be a part of the country politically, avail healthcare and educational facilities, along with many more. Express Entry Canada and Skilled Workers Australia are two of the popular immigration programs for skilled workers offered by the countries. 


4. Ever-growing Economy

Canada and Australia have some of the strongest economies in the world. Because of this they are able to provide a huge amount of work opportunities to its residents as well as migrants. There is a great inflow of migrants each year in both the countries under the category of skilled workers because of the presented job opportunities.  The famous categories for skilled worker are Express Entry Canada and Skilled workers Australia. 


5. Investment & Employment Programs

Both the countries, Canada and Australia, makes huge efforts to ensure that as many assets are attracted and invited in their country as possible. For such purposes, over the years these countries have launched many programs for investors and businessmen to reach the land and either make investments or start a business to help the economy grow. Skilled workers already residing in the country get a chance too to consistently grow in their career by advancing their career outlook continually. 


6. Diversity and Culture

People from all around the globe migrate to both, Canada and Australia. Due to this, these two countries come in the list of most diverse countries in the world. You get to experience varied communities, traditions, food and culture, with Indians representing a big part of the diversity.


For these reasons and many more, people are attracted to migrate to any of these countries. You can contact us to know more about the immigration process, visa documentation and profile assessment by our experts at Visa Walk.