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5 Convenient Part Time Jobs in Canada

Canada has always been on the top of the list for most immigrants because of several reasons. The country offers a great quality of life at a reasonable cost in comparison to other international destinations. More so, it is an ideal destination for students because working besides studying or part-time jobs in Canada is a fabulous option. It is an even better choice in case the candidate wants to apply for permanent residence in Canada in the future.

The Study Visa offered by Canada gives international students the liberty to work for up to 20 hours per week. Although this opportunity is to be utilized only for part-time work, it is still sufficient for a candidate who wants to earn a temporary living cost in the country. Apart from the liberal policies, one must keep in mind to abide by the stated laws. The authorities have decided on the number of working hours keeping in mind that part-time tasks do not affect the child’s academic performance. Hence, students enrolled in some of the extensive programs are allowed only 12 hours per week to engage themselves in any extra time work opportunities.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of part-time jobs in Canada for international students to take up while pursuing their studies in the country.

  1. Freelancer : Having an additional hobby or talent comes in handy when searching for a part-time job opportunity in Canada. Be it speaking another language, writing skills, graphic designing, etc, there are many websites offering streams to such candidates. Although there is no fixed pay, a minimum wage according to the sector is offered to the individual. Of course, this can go as high as possible depending on the skills, quality of work, and experience of the person.

  2. Sales Assistant: Being one of the most popular part-time jobs in Canada, the primary role of a sales assistant is to help boost the sales of the organization. Overlooking the sales department, this is a great role to take upon the weekends when the cities are packed with visitors in most stores. It is the most suited and easily accessible role for an international student.

  3. Program Facilitator: If one is looking for an outgoing job opportunity, a program facilitator suits their interest the best. The focus responsibility of a person in this post is to execute projects, events, initiatives, and curricula. The program includes a workshop, training, community service endeavor, field trip, and much more. The pay for this job role is quite handsome.

  4. Customer Service Assistant: As the name suggests, the prime task of a customer service assistant is to answer customer queries, solve customer problems, sell products or take orders, and do other relating tasks. This kind of work is quite flexible for students as the working hours are dynamic and they can choose when to work. The pay depends on the working hours dedicated to completing the assigned tasks.

  5. Server/Bartender: Working as a server or bartender provides flexible working hours. You can work on weekdays or weekends depending on your schedule. Also, the minimum wage is paid, but there are many tips. The minimum wage varies from state to state and tips are generally in the 15-20% range.


Part-time jobs in Canada not only help meet the financial needs of international students but also help them gain out-of-the-box experience and skills in the industry. They train students for future full-time jobs and contribute to a better standard of living during their studies.